Patient Testimonial

Hip Replacement

" I've had both my left hip replaced by Dr.Lavesh Agrawal. I'm now able to walk again without pain and limping. Dr.Lavesh is very professional and friendly they were so helpful and would do anything for me. I would definitely recommend dr.lavesh. The physician will do a perfect surgery. I would never consider going anywhere else."

— Shila Sharma , Shujalpur MP

Elbow Reconstruction

"I had a elbow fracture that required surgery by Dr.Lavesh Agrawal. The physicians and staff were clear when they were communicating my choices. They offer a caring attitude, knowledge, and expertise. I had an excellent experience and was very pleased with the results. I would return to Bone and Birth Care Center in a minute should I have more problems."
— Varena Zureek , Switzerland

Knee Replacement

"My knee surgery had failed 10 years back and I was in discomfort ever since. After Dr Lavesh Agrawal’s treatment, I am pleased to say that the treatment was fully successful."
— Rukmani Chouhan, Kalani Nagar Indore MP